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Taking The Mystery Out of Murrine

Today in our Advanced Glass Fusing Class we took glass fusing to a new level by Taking The Mystery Out of Murrine. Our guest instructor, Suzanne Comella, taught how to make Murrine using only a Hot Head torch using System 96 glass and COE 90 glass.  Yep, a Hot Head Torch.  Suzanne reviewed making stringer and a few other things and finished off the class by taking the big mystery out of making Murrine. Thanks Suzanne for your time and wonderful talent!

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Just a Reminder Regarding Studio Hours

Just a reminder to all our students, clients and customers – the Studio Hours have changed: We are now By Appointment Only on Fridays.  This allows us to visit job sites and clients more easily.  But we are happy to serve our retail customers as well so if you can only come in on a Friday please don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment to shop.  In general we will be trying to schedule that for AM hours, but we can work around your schedule if necessary.

Also, wanted to give a heads up that we will closed from Friday, May 15 – Monday, May 18th so that we may attend our youngest sons’ graduations – Justin’s on Saturday, May 16th at U of I, and the Ryan’s on May 17th at Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL.  Congratulations to both of you, we’re so proud of you guys!!



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Ogden Avenue School

One of the projects that is being designed right now is for Ogden Avenue School.  The fun thing with this window is that the kids made all these fused pieces that will be placed in the window. Today Markay, Denise and Joshua cleaned up the fused projects and are now inspecting them in the picture. There is one fused tile that is obviously different from all the others and that is for a child of the class that has passed away.  We would like to make sure it stands out from the rest not just in design, but placement.  From there we will assemble then into a window with a few additions. Once its completed we will install the window on the main floor of the school in a transom. Keep watching as things progress with the Ogden Avenue School project.

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Bronze Metal Stops

Inside the Lane Tech Clock Tower there are bronze metal stops. These Bronze Metal Stops are helping to hold the glass from falling out and are placed on the inside and the outside of the clock tower.  In one area there is a missing bronze metal stop, so part of our job will be to manufacture a new one as a replacement. To accomplish the creation of a new stop we needed a model and what better place to get one, but to take one off the other clock faces.

We are using a method of reverse engineering with a laser to create the missing stop. Because the original Bronze Metal Stops were all cut by hand there are a lot of imperfections in all of them. With the ability to use a laser to create a template and computer program, it will allow us to pick up all those imperfections the original artisans left in the metal when they were originally cut.

The top picture you can see all the inside metal stop, the middle picture shows the stop we removed and the bottom picture shows the metal stop on the table of a laser scanner.


Taping Off Broken Glass

Inside glazing stop

Original Bronze Metal Stop


Laser Scan Stop

Laser Tracing the Original Stop



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