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Bead Making Quick and Easy

Saturday, October 11 and 25th:  10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

We’ve added a new class to our line-up.  Our Quick and Easy Bead making class instructed by Suzanne Comella. Suzanne has been making glass beads for over ten years and has taught classes here at the studio over the last year.  She has been out of commission this past summer due to a hand injury, but is back in the game after several weeks of physical therapy.  We are delighted to have her back on the team.  Suzanne is also available during the week to teach classes so if there are students interested in a Thursday morning class please contact the studio and we’ll work out some sessions.  We will be limiting class size to four students so contact the studio today if you are interested in taking this class. cropped-photo-1.jpg

Two Sesssions: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM with half hour break for lunch.  Cost: $150.00, includes the book “The Complete Book of Glass Bead Making” (Retail value: $19.95) the use of studio torch, tools and some supplies.  Students will need to purchase glass rods and provide two canisters of MAP/Propane fuel for each class session.

Come and explore the world of glass bead-making and see why this art form can be so addictive. From the time you learn to light the torch and melt the glass, you will be guided through a variety of techniques including how to create particular bead shapes such as round or donut shapes, cylinders and bicones. You will learn to decorate your beads using pulled stringers and twisties (handmade by you of course), dots and even learn how to make your very own glass frit. We’ll also try our hand at encasing and making a simple 2-3 layer murrini. This beginner class will be jammed with loads of demos and lots of fun!

Suzanne's Stained Glass Panel

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Abstract Stained Glass Panel

Well the celebrations have started Suzanne is back from her injury and is working on her Abstract Stained Glass Panel.  Welcome back Suzanne you have been missed! This picture does not do the panel justice, all of you should see this up close the colors are fantastic. Cant wait to see it complete!

Suzanne's Stained Glass Panel

Suzanne’s Stained Glass Panel

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Heads Up!

Heads Up, Fall and winter classes are being posted and some are filling already.  For those of you that have been looking forward to the Glaskolben glass blowing classes they have posted and are first come first serve. So, call today to reserve your spot for the class. They are every Saturday of November and can only be reserved with a payment of the class; remember they fill up fast. Check out the Calendar page for dates.

  • Blown Glass Ornaments – 1 Session, 3 Hours. Cost: $95.00. Pre-requisite: None.  A fun and easy class where you will learn how to make fabulous blown glass ornaments. Each student will be given 10 glass tubes to fill with their favorite color or colors of glass and heat them with a torch. You will then blow the warm glass (actually its really hot) into a one-of-a-kind ornament.  Min. 4 Max. 8 students per class.

Participants must bring one (1) MAP/Pro tank to class which may be purchased at most hardware stores. 

Glaskolben Class

Glaskolben Class


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