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Lane Tech South Face

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Today was a very productive day at Lane Tech Clock Tower despite it being 90 plus degrees in the clock tower. Today’s job was cleaning out the south face on the clock tower of all the broken glass and bad cement. Tomorrow we will be cutting out the new glass pieces in the studio and getting ready for the install on Wednesday and Thursday. We are really enjoying being a part of history at Lane tech.


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No Saw

Thats right No Saw. I had to post this one right away because of the people that I hear wanting to use a glass saw to make thier cuts and I keep telling them no. Well, to the right of Josh is the piece I had to cut and the next picture is the glass cut and with only a glass cutter, No Saw.  


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Climb The Clock Tower

Here are a few quick pictures showing you what we do to Climb The Clock Tower at Lane Tech for the repair work. To bring up the tools we put them into a bucket and lift it up with a rope.  The hole is so narrow that you have to swim through the hole otherwise your shoulder won’t go through the tiny opening. 


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Studio Hour Changes

New Retail Hours for the Studio

Tuesday     10 – 2

Wednesday  10 – 6

Thursday    10 – 6

Friday   By Appointment Only  (Please call the studio by 6:00 PM on Thursday to schedule an appointment.

Appointments will be made as we are able.)

Saturday  10 – 4

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, when we have classes running, we will be here til 9:00 PM.

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Lane Tech Is On The Way!

Lane Tech Is On The Way! This morning the challenge of removing broken glass and making templates has begun.  Our current goal is to do a face every week and a half. We will we keep posting as we go. And now I’m gonna go eat lunch cause I’m hungry.  


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Chicago Wave

After some hard work, a lot of measurements and a little ingenuity George’s “Chicago Wave” is done and mounted in the client’s home.  For those of you that know the Chicago shoreline look at the way the colors of the greens that were used capture the true essence of beach and Lake Michigan.  Its a simple design and yet a very artistic tryptic, a wonderful example of using glass as wall art and not in the traditional way as a stained glass window.   Nice job George, job well done on the “Chicago Wave”.


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