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Fusing Classes

  • Fusing and Forming – Quick and Easy:
    Four sessions, three hours ea.  Cost: $135.00 includes the book, Introduction to Fusing (value $23.95), rental of tools, some supplies and fusing fees for class projects.  Students will need to purchase glass for their projects.

    Glass fusing is an exciting and liberating glass art which enables artists to create glass designs by fusing compatible glass pieces together in a kiln.  In this class students will have the opportunity to make one or two jewelry pendants, a decorative wall tile and one mold-formed bowl, plate or vase.  Students will be introduced to a wide variety of fusing materials and techniques.  In addition we will examine various finished projects and discuss how they were made.  Students will learn basic glass cutting and shaping skills; cleaning and layering techniques, and some basic kiln programming.  Previous glass f using experience is not required.  (Students may only take this class once.)

  • Supplies and Tools For Fusing and Forming – Quick and Easy Class

    Safety Glasses                             Tweezers                                       Band-Aids

    Small paint brushes               Ruler                                               Sharpies

    Alcohol                                            Vinegar                                         Pen/Pencil

    Paper                                                 Clean rags                                    Small Plastic Container

    Notebook                                       X-acto Knife                               Small Paint Brushes                                   

  • Students may bring a 24” x 24” plywood work board or use one from the studio for the duration of the class.

Once students have mastered the basics in Fusing and Forming–Quick and Easy they may choose to attend our Thursday evening Open Fusing Studio Time ($5.00/hour) available every Thursday evening from 6:00-9:00 PM.  In addition, once a month, on the fourth or fifth Thursday of the month (check the calendar page for exact dates) at 10 AM and 6 PM, we offer our Fusing Club and Fusing Demonstrations of various advanced techniques.  Students should pre-register for the demos and may stay to work on their own projects if time allows. Cost for each Demo is $5.00.  Students staying to work will pay $20.00 which includes the firing of one project.  Students must have their own tools, supplies and glass for studio time.  Students do not have to have previous experience to attend demonstrations, but must have taken at least the Fusing and Forming class to stay for Studio Time.  

Fusing Demonstrations:  Check calendar page for dates.  Cost for Demonstrations is $5.00.  Students should pre-register for all demonstrations and notify the studio at the time of registration if you are staying for studio time.  Past demonstrations have included subjects like: kiln casting, working thick, pulling stringer, painting with frit, kiln carving, inclusions,  etc.  Topics are posted on the calendar page.  


Students are responsible for notifying the studio when alternative manufacturer’s products from the ones we carry in our retail store are being used in their projects.  Students are responsible for providing manufacturer’s suggested fusing schedules to the studio at the time of firing. If such information is not provided, items will be fused using studio standard firing schedules. Suevel Studios reserves the right to refuse to fire materials brought in from outside sources or other manufacturers than the above named companies and bears no liability if such items are unsuccessfully fused in our kilns.

12 thoughts on “Fusing Classes

  1. When are you offering the Fusing 101 Class?

  2. Each page references the Glass Sampler Class. How do I register for that? I don’t see it on the calendar. Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica. If you are interested in taking the sampler just give us a call to sign up. The “sampler” class is as a series of classes that cover the four main “Intro” classes: Stained Glass, Fusing, Lampworking and Mosaics. The confusing part is that it is not a single class, but a series at a random time chosen by the student as they post on the calendar. I hope that helps. Please feel free and give us a call.

  3. I will take a look at your calendar and sign up for some classes soon. Is there a different price for doing the sampler or is each class still the same cost as is posted for the intro classes individually? Thanks!

    • The classes are the same price for each of them, but if you pick up a local Arlington Almanac there is a discount coupon on our ad you can use that will give you 10% off. We have Almanacs in our store too. :)

  4. Thanks so much! You have been extremely helpful and very efficient in your replies. I truly appreciate it and look forward to taking some classes with you soon!

  5. Hi! I have a Groupon for a glass fusing class and am wondering when your next few are going to be scheduled. I don’t see them on the calendar. Thank you!

  6. Ooops – Now I see it!

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